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Install the Hubhopper player plugin on your Wordpress website and unlock the power of audio on demand!

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(After downloading) Follow these

Launch your Hubhopper Player Plugin in 3 simple steps


Add Podcast

Launch & Go Live

Upload and install the player plugin on your website.

Select a podcast from Hubhopper & add the URL to the plugin.

Generate shortcode on the webpage. Publish and you are live.

Video Tutorial

Download Now!

Kindly visit this page using your Desktop

On Your website's Wordpress Home Page, navigate to the Plugins section on the left-hand menu and click on “Add New”. On the Add Plugins page, click on Upload Plugin. Upload the zipped folder Plugin file that you've downloaded. This contains the player.

Once you have uploaded the file, click on Install Now. After installing, simply activate the plugin.

Once activated, you'll start seeing “Royal Audio Player” on your left-hand menu. Click on it and select Playlist Manager. Next, Add New Main Playlist, enter a playlist name in Main Playlist Name and click Add.

Select the Main Playlist you added, and click on “Add New Playlist”. Add a podcast's name as the playlist name and change the Playlist Type to “Hubhopper”. Next, simply add the Podcast Link/URL from the Hubhopper Website in the Playlist Source section.

In the Playlist Thumbnail Path section, upload the thumbnail image. Click on Add Playlist and then click on Update Main List to save your changes.

Now add a new page or select the web page where you want the player. On the right-hand side you'll see a tab named “FWDRAP Shortcode Generator”. Select your choice of Preset design, and select the Playlist you made.

Finally, click on Add Shortcode. A shortcode for the player will be placed in your webpage code area.

Publish your webpage and you're good to go! Congratulations, you now have your favorite podcast on your own website.


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Step 2

Step 3

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Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | © Parijat Innovations Pvt Ltd 2018