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Over the course of the last few years, audio-on demand has steadily grown from a niche community of audiobloggers distributing files over the internet, most of them coming from the West, to a large section of loyal Indian followers now listening daily to audio content, consuming more than 1.5 hours of content each day!

And you, the creator, can make the best of it! Still cold feet? What is audio content really? Don’t I need a fancy mic to record content? Can they still see me if I send across an MP3?

Fear not! Hubhopper has created the Evangelist Program just for you!

A Hubhopper Evangelist is not your regular telecaller asking you to donate Rupees 51 more in the name of a God you don’t quite understand.

They are specifically handpicked professionals whose experience in the audio industry and more specifically, AOD content and podcasting, will help you in your journey towards becoming a successful audio content creator. .

Of course! The Evangelist Program is completely voluntary. In your podcasting journey, you are definitely your own guide, and nobody can understand your content better than you.

However, should you need a person to show you the ropes the first few times, so that you are better equipped to create awesome content, you can always come back here. We’ll be waiting! .

Don’t fret! All you need to do is fill the small form at the end of this page. Note that we do not require any of your personal information except your contact details to let the Evangelist contact you directly, and of course, so that our bots can assign the best person to you out there. :)

This entire process will typically take 2 (two) working days. If you haven’t received an e-mail with your evangelist’s details, feel free to send us sternly worded e-mails. We’ll scold our bots. .

Well, would you believe us if we said this is absolutely free? We at Hubhopper, are committed towards our philosophy of ‘Simply Content’. Nothing gives us more happiness than seeing (or should we say listening to) another creator climb the ladder of success and share their awesome content with the world at large. If the Evangelist helps the process become easier, then we’re all happy!

So, long story short. Naah. This one’s on us. And nobody is keeping tabs. Pinky swear.

Okay, I’m listening now. Who are these evangelists? How long does the training program last? Haha, sure! To look at some of the Evangelists that you will be working with, click here. There is no fixed start or end date to the program. We leave that to the best discretion of you and your Evangelist.

However, in the best possible interest of both your as well as the Evangelist’s time, we suggest that your podcast (at least the preview and first episode) be up in 30 (thirty) days from the start of the program. At any given time, if you have any questions about the programme, or about the evangelist, please reach out to us at podcasters@hubhopper.in.

Well, as Hubhopper, we have always believed in the incredible power of content. And now that the content is making you incredulous, we are happier still!

Yes, we genuinely want that you, the budding creator, are able to assimilate all the tools in your arsenal, and come up with amazing content for the world to see! And for you, of course, to analyse and bask in the glory of the massive number of listens you have got! .

Chethan Narayanaswamy

Podcast: Karma is a Witch

A writer, composer, director and founder of the audio content production company, Pratidhwani, you know Chethan means business when it comes to audio. Spooky to the core, his works across regional languages have found international recognition due to their sheer technical and storytelling brilliance.

An expert in 3D Audio production, background score design and SFX, you can’t give Chethan a miss. And if you do, ‘Karma is a Witch’, Chethan will say with a straight face.

Naba Kishore Sarangi

An audio stalwart in his own right, with more than fifteen long years in the industry, along with being a certified and internationally lauded Sound Designer, you couldn’t find a better person than Naba Kishore to help you in your podcasting journey.

Also the author of a book aptly titled “Sound vs Audio”, he specialises in innovative media tools and 24x7 audio production support!

Sabika Muzaffar

Podcast: The Shayari Teller

Speaking in rhyme since the age of 4, Sabika Muzaffar has always been an audio prodigy. Fresh out of school as one of ten Radio One College Champions in 2007, she has gone on to co-host, feature in and thereafter produce radio shows across many channels.

With many voice training and storytelling workshops under her kitty, our resident ‘The Shayari Teller’ is super enthused to be a part of the Evangelist programme.

Kulbir Lamba

Podcast: Executive Mom's Stories

Kulbir's keen interests in topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, people management, ethics and art of questioning, had lead him to start his podcast 'Executive mom's stories', where he and his wife interviews working mothers.

He is equipped in structuring thoughts for better conversations, conducting interviews and content incubation for your podcast.

Chhaya Dabas

Podcast: Baatein by Chhaya Dabas

There’s never a dull moment with our resident chatterbox, who also helms Delhi’s growing poetry and storytelling organisation, aptly called Baatein. Travelling the country sharing stories, experiences, poetry and jokes that only she finds funny, Chhaya boasts of being a Buzzfeed top Indian poet and a TEDx speaker to boot! A powerhouse of stories, she definitely knows what the power of expression holds - and will be more than glad to share on her journey of being an Evangelist with you.

Deepti Ahuja

Podcast: Kachi Mitti

They say our ‘Kacchi Mitti’ podcaster Deepti keeps her sweet tongue sharpened on her vivid imagination. But the story definitely goes deeper. Her love for performance started with dance, ebbed into photography, was set free in film and finally found form in stories. A film-making major from NID, Deepti’s films have travelled far and wide and her work in radio equally lauded. Deepti is all set to bring in the same claim to her evangelism, as she has to her narrative, one label at a time.

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